code the strip

Are you human
Are you like me
Are you and me alike
How are you and me the same

Let me test you
Let us test each other
Take your test
Test for blood

Repeat like me
Alike me, like
Do you like me

Do like me do you dear human
Humans like me do cost you dear
We are not the same human
How human are we to test like this

Humans test
Taking blood
Take your test
Let me test you


This is a pilot post, meaning if the format works I might do it more often. It is fortunate that the daily prompt is ‘test’. I have been thinking about tests, specifically blood glucose monitoring. However this process of thought occurred while I was writing so rather than give an unedited version I will try to clarify where I feel extra material might be needed. Hopefully the rest of the body of text is not too long to comfortably read. I hope that the poem and background information is interesting and adds rather than takes away. I think poetry should stand on its own without explanation, but here goes.

I think there is a switch inside me which invites turns of phrases which take me onto a strip for my flights of thought.

It is an uncomfortable feeling but this internal flight feels necessary for me to gain some understanding of where I can go with the tools and training I have. This is to be a mini reconnaissance mission. If only I were to apply what ever rigours I intend to instill in my writing practice to my testing and logging of my diabetes, who could I be? Would it really make me a better person? At present I test three times daily at least but I’ve grown weary of writing it all down.

I hate testing in some part because I feel like it lets people judge me on my inadequacies.

In order to test my blood glucose, I pull out a test strip, prick my finger and apply blood to the strip- simple enough right? Maybe for some, but I feel judgement on how I am doing as a person, how good I am as a human being riding on the result and it’s a lot of pressure. The strip is removed and binned and the result stays in the memory of the testing machine. I log it sometimes in an app on my phone now which makes things a bit easier.

I guess I can’t really complain too much, I might be in a situation where instead I have to do urinalysis and mess around with colour coded reactive test strips which would be about half as fun again. Well things could be worse.

I could be capable of writing far better and let my being pissed off with being diabetic get in the way. Oh wait, did that just happen?


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