The Portal

It’s dark. I squint and think of my bedroom. This has a schematic layout somewhere both in my organic mush and the blueprints with electrical wiring and lighting diagrams.

Just then a click and the hum of a generator faintly can be heard. My mind tells me that as long as one stays in the dark no one can locate us with vision. But what if light was blinding enough?

Well, there was always hearing. There are two labyrinthine canals for sound to every vertebrate and god knows how many ears straining to sense direction or location in this place.

It was not strictly speaking an entirely welcoming place. For me, as had been mentioned there was no light. Number two, it seemed crowded with bodies. And finally, most eerily, there was no smell.

I swallowed. Suddenly the lights turn on and the bodies scuttle away before my eyes can adjust. There is a faint sense of whooshing though I seem still, like I am travelling in an airplane or large boat.

Before I can help myself, into the dreamworld once again, I plunge.


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