I am setting out on a raid.

But don’t let me know.

Because this I is turned inward.

As soon as I am aware, a mist will descend and obscure all that may have been familiar. A proper peasouper. One so thick, it will submerge all landmarks and sink them beneath the waters until that fine mist has become as dense as the bottom of the ocean. Here, strange inhabitants with bioluminescent features rule. So don’t let me down, whilst you and me can still share this thought. Just forget it and burn after reading. Tonight I will look to the sky. If it is clear it will mean nothing. Only you know that my wish was to remember. Farewell memories. I must focus for now or else I will never see you again.


I set for home tonight.

My navigational aid is the sky.

It will be unblinking for me alone.


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