That stubborn letterbug

Dear Persistence,

It was nice of you to show up the other day. I think I have recognised some of your manners (though yours are more thoroughly educated than mine), in my own efforts from time to time recently.

It is rude to directly say I miss you. I find small moments where you are not there most frustrating because I think I could do better. I imagine you would.

Can I be really frank with you if you will borrow some patience for me? I was ill recently. Even you explained how I didn’t sound like myself. Will you think of me this whole letter at least?

I could ask more, but I am fearful now of being needy so just for a moment, stay a bit longer please.

I have an idea, but you must play along for this to work. I imagine you might think of me as being selfish with your time, but I feel I need you for therapy just now to be successful. Please write me. Just tell me you know? So I can quit hyperventilating when I am panicked.

I’d love to be able to substitute my word, but being frank may require my changing my use and pronunciation of arousal to something more or less palatable.

Would you think of me as shifty if I said I felt lousy every time I thought of you? Would you hate me the way I hate using words as double edged weaponry?

I really do miss you Persistence, you being stubborn like a goat in my mind eating the flowers from over the fences. Please don’t leave me forever. I will lie again with you if it will placate you, for you might know I feel there is no possibility without the memory of your presence.

But I am breathing now. You must have reached this far. So before I overextend my welcome in your mind, may I bid you goodnight and wish you sleep the sleep of the just.

For I dream of your return every night and spend the day stubbornly recalling every detail.

Faithfully Yours,



3 thoughts on “That stubborn letterbug

    1. Thank you. Your comments brighten my day, but I don’t mind, honestly! In fact I don’t normally follow politics but I am glad for having come across your blog, not just because it tickles my funnys but it kind of makes me more interested in the characters automagically which I think good writing should do. The explanatory notes at the end are super too for someone like me… Thanks again ^_^

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