real time 

Apophenia. This is a new word for me, but it seems to describe a state of being I experienced not too long ago. Things appear to make much more sense, and link up more than they ought to. What made me figure out this was the case was how much seemed to relate to me.

When people who have never met connect over the internet, something happens where what is conceived meets a concept. Surely only a fictional universe can unfold from this meeting?

This altered state of being where wishes might come true in ways only the universe we inhabit can fix is so close, it appears as a hologram superimposed over the reality we often taste and feel once disconnected. It has grass, water, air and light, but being on the other side of a screen it is separated from us as much as we suspend our disbelief.

When a witch hunt is created from rumours of what incidental features might exist in a record and then be viewed a trillion times over (we replay this world in our heads when we dream too) and analysed, the result is an organism bigger than us.

But do we risk fetishising such an entity and allowing it to be our flawed but available (where the holy trinity of network coverage, a wired or wireless device as a medium and you coexist) deity? Are we at risk of alienating the universe which spawned our physical beings, tied to it as we remain?

I am of the millennial generation. And I refuse to give up either. I feel as if by bridging the divide there is a threat to tear me asunder. It is why I still write under a pseudonym. Because I think the internet needs dreaming as well as life. And it’s just better not to dream awake all the time from my birth universe. Like quantum entanglement or something. Maybe somewhere other than here this makes total sense.

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