Lions Teeth


This is a navigational term, like aft or port; windward or leeward.

‘Live Streaming’ were words to be avoided. The thought resonated in his brain like dull drumskins each time he cast his eyes upward to what would be the heavens, teeth jostled in the black of his mouth.

To be seen without seeing: is this the prisoner’s fate?

At first the officer joked playfully it would seem. I was fixated on his radio as the drivers strapped down the gurney next to him.

How familiar he seemed. I could almost grab the coiled wire leading to the earpiece.

“A word in your ear…” I might remark casually, off hand.

“Off beat.”

He looked at me in his barely carefully composed mien and as my gaze followed the cord, somehow a steely glare held me while the restraints were let up.

“Better now?”

I reminded myself of locked in syndrome, of the diving bell and the butterfly and didn’t hate the absurdity straight away.

That will come sooner or later, in relating how I was dragged out of my home.

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