clocking off

The scramble up to seven was arduous enough but even given the floors traversed, it was as if the space had opened up to swallow him briefly and her tongue guided him through the intricate path.

As the levels increased, there required a jettisoning of some material whether mental or physical. So from the arrangement of the toothpaste and brushes at work to the positioning of a card or tea stain, it all counted on the day.

Lifts had to be avoided most of the time because who knew where they might open out onto? Better to take the stairwells or better still, use the architecture of the storeys themselves, finding the gaps in the fabric, the seams so to speak.

On one level, he found two cans of pop, identical to most, but with a different volume of liquid in each. So he mixed them. Careful not to spill a drop.

And leave them near the exit to the outer flat roof over the council offices? Better trust her knowledge- if she knew the cctv, she would know the layout and besides, she had fewer flaws than me so I could read her like a big blueprint if only I could remember how to decode the symbols.

A trail of rizla- good but difficult to read. Was this included? I put it that she would not have left it to chance and rearranged it subtly. The wind took it and I breathed a sigh of relief. Back to the stairwell.

Zobrist hashing. Not the same stairwell, the other stairwell on the far side of the building. If the building breathes, I need the outbreath as well as the inbreath. This made more sense as I picked up visual registration of the pebble like sweeties, standing out to me like cool spots on a sandy beach.

But there was no sand. Only signs to go up, up, no camera, no phone tracking, difficult paths for drones to follow. And I manoevered a baggie behind a sign- it as if it would do to throw the phony officers off my scent. Because they were coming, and it wouldn’t be long now- the alarm would sound soon and I could hear the birds signalling.

Gosh, once upon a time I would not have minded if it were a bit of herb upstairs. Now all I wanted was to see Her again, so why did I touch the baggie with Bob on it? What she could see she would know, so I know if she knew, really knew, it would be something that didn’t need to be said. I’d come as I was and she would as she did and we could go from there.

But she wasn’t on the roof. Situational clues? When the alarm sounds, leave the building in a safe and speedy manner. I could see it coming, so I had to make haste and split. No time to collect my bag it seemed, that could be done at a later time if They hadn’t found it by now. Too many layers, too many factors, I had begun to see her love for primes. And my determination strengthened to be unique, as i tried to hail a car as it sped away.

No worries, no worries. out through the way out. Past the security guard, acknowledge him- he controls part of the cctv, he’s probably in, but he was returning to his post, so…


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