[1] Brazil’s giant dams risk destroying heart of the Amazon, says Greenpeace:


[2] Siemens are industry leaders in wind turbines, check out their website:


Maybe I should ask this…

Do certain forms of writing necessitate the suspension of disbelief in order to accompany the author as they navigate the realms of the consciously possible with an unconscious (or not yet fully conscious partner?).

Are they our spirit guides then- where one can hear sounds that others cannot hear and see visions that others cannot see? Is this the power of a book, or even the incantation of a creaking tree at some point before it is felled at some point during the year?

If your desire to climb trees is to be fulfilled, you’ll have to have started somewhere. If the place you’d set your dreams in is unstable, you may also realise that not all wood must be forgotten or logged for winter.

Books and blogs; writings are the living spells we cast between the leaves and we bind them, as omens against the death of thought. But who can stop the whispering of the breeze or silence the mysterious birdsong that winds through the branches?


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