Surely the key to understanding this psychotic episode is figuring out what was real and which bits my brain filled in like a kid colouring outside the lines right, left, right off the pages even and odd.

Maybe being of sounder mind this is possible, but is it possible while in the care of the Crisis Team and being treated as I am? What’s the way forward?

It’s the weekend now, I didn’t really want to wait, but I’d probably better sleep on it. At least I have the comfort of my thoughts escaping in curlicues, like graphite shearing onto wood pulp, then sliding into pixeldust before I can fully forget where they came from.

when i sleep perhaps the inky blackness will take over. perhaps i can eat between bits of info, quantized by a key board…

Naturals! are you present? Along with Flats, Sharps and Accidentals? 

Good! Then I may begin…


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