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I wanna write about counting. There is the type that places a marker at discrete intervals, marking time. But times, intervals, pauses can all be carrying information from moment to moment. So how to count can, I suppose be pretty important at times. Maybe it’s what counts.

Please excuse my markers, my place is set and resetreset once every so often. Perhaps it is sleep that does it. I am not so certain though. It would seem that there is a particular type of thought process that accompanies inspiration far too often in some cases. It is a frantic scrabbling sort that needs putting to sleep before any sense can be found emanating.

Paragraphs space one thought from another. But are they counted as they are read? Surely by means of accumulated knowledge sense occurs when they are counted and put to sleep.

For it is in the dreamtime that they mingle and work; when we are asleep. So this is the boundary that dreamers dare to cross.

Living trees transport water up and down and through cells. Who can count the cells? If photosynthesis requires water and sunlight, perhaps as we count one winter and one summer, we use dream logic to imagine what goes on as we sleep.


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