Do cats know about Go

Your Name

Grade 10k

It is my guess that at 10k I should know better. I’m not certain that even play with someone ranked higher than me should have resulted as it did.

To be honest, my initial impression was before I went to sleep last night that my last win was because of a blunder and not indicative of my being able to play at the grade necessarily reflected in my rank on the Internet Go Server.

In fact I had wanted to watch the rest of Haylee(9p) vs Timur of the russian team, despite already being aware of the result on Youtube.

It didn’t happen as i declined to use my phone to spectate after setting up the TV for it via cable/TIVO. Someone else wanted music and the option of using headphones and my phone as I intimated earlier was lost on me.

Earlier during the day I had been visited by the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team and this particular visit included a hindi speaking doctor with whom my family conversed. He spoke english too, and when I thought I could understand, I spoke too.

There were three members who arrived. B___ and N____, a student nurse who handed me a doctors note no doubt in someone elses hand  exempting me from work. I kind of warmed to B___ as she sunk her tall frame into the low sofa in her long hemmed white print dress. She questioned me about go and i gave a list of results, two stories long, with as much detail as I could muster.

As she listened, she massaged her left thigh with her left hand which kind of unnerved me if only because I didn’t really know what it meant and was afraid to ask (or thinking back, was it her right thigh with her left hand as her legs were crossed?). Especially in the company of those in attendance in the living room including my brother, mother and father eventually. To begin with my brother was out but he joined in as soon as he returned through the front door.

I won my last game by resignation. That was yesterday after the team’s visit. However I have not yet mentioned something else.

The blunder. Move 144 had a misjudgement by my opponent. But I wanted to play. I should have offered something i feel, however, he did own up to misjudging. I neglected to count. I must have been behind before the blunder, but I played on, because I saw victory in sight.

in hindsight, cats are pretty good at landing on their feet. If i had counted, i probably would have been a stronger player had i resigned before my opponent. Instead  the game was dragged out to 252 moves.

To learn my lesson, I will attempt to count, as most of the large endgame has been played out. I won’t ask if cats can count.


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