Members of Rosaceae are generally woody plants, mostly shrubs or small to medium-size trees

​How to teach Go

Give 11 stones & challenge to make 2 eyes.

Two eyes in centre=2 points. 1 configuration.

Request shape be brought to next visit.

Two eyes in corner=13 to 25 points.

These calculations require knowledge of play with others because of being able to envisage others making stones live.

There are many ways for 11 stones to live. It takes a minimum of 11 moves in the centre to make two eyes. Taking 11 moves to make 13 points in the corner allows stones to work harder and make bigger eyes. 1 eye can be one point or several dependent upon how efficient you let your moves be. It requires nothing more than strength of will and imagination.

However it is easier with a partner.

Although 5×5 is unusually small, games can be played on boards from this size upwards.

11 stones on a 5×5 board can make 14 points using the same shape in the centre. This is because it is the smallest board that can contain it.


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