so this is how it starts? A murmur, then a susurration, then a silence.

But why this way, why not some other element first is the question poised to erupt.

The thought has a vibration too you see, so we begin with the breath and that has an excitatory function for what we term a conscious being.

the whisper caresses our senses.

signalling aWAKENS WHAT lay asleep.


I think I saw a double rainbow the other day. I may have mistaken the day, but it was an odd appearance, because within the brighter set of concentric arcs there lay the budding of a further rainbow.

I hear in my head the suggestion that no one else is able to perceive exactly the same rainbow, because I place it there. Turning to my brother, I swallow my saliva before I speak.

We were in the quiet room. I had not long been given eyeglasses, not photochromic as were my last pair, but untinted and the reflections seemed to require a little more tuning out.

“Unusual isn’t it.” Strangely enough, I didn’t concern myself with the presence or absence of colour anywhere save for in the rainbow. Perhaps it was the medication.

Was that an imperceptible shrug? “I guess it must be pretty big,” he replied.

It was different seeing creatures like this. And the pressing question now would be if my expression would be more readily interpretable or less now, more nuanced? I couldn’t take the risk.



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